CatCrame is a family owned small business created by crafty cat lovers.  We specialize in beautiful, unique cat toys designed to improve your cat’s health.  The different parts of each CatCrame toy stimulate your pet’s senses, encouraging them to be physically and mentally active.

Daily play allows your pet to exercise his natural hunting instincts in a non-destructive way.  Regular exercise also improves your cat’s health and increases longevity.

An active cat is a happy cat!

Our toys are not only unique and fun; they offer a variety of different textures, experiences, and sensations to your pet, ensuring they don’t get bored.  One of our well-crafted cat toys will replace numerous others that tend to get scattered and lost throughout the home.

Our versatile toys can be hung on a ceiling hook, placed on a window, or tossed on the floor.  Kitty will appreciate all the doodads and whatsits attached to our CatCrame toys and humans will enjoy the quality, durability, and cute appearance.

Our website is also a fun and useful resource for cat owners everywhere.  Check out our blog for expert advice, tips, and resources to help you better understand your feline companion and how to give him/her the best life possible.