Welcome to CatCrame.com. We are a family-owned, small business specializing in the creation of unique cat entertainment devices (aka cat toys) sure to please even the most finicky felines.

You’ll find top-quality, durable macrame cat ropes, hanging toys and fun, crinkly pillows stuffed with organic, American-grown catnip.  Our toys are pretty for humans and very entertaining for their owners.

When we decided to combine our love of crafts and cats; we wanted to ensure that our toys did something for the betterment of our pets.  Our toys allow a cat to exercise his/her natural hunting instincts in non-destructive ways. They have a variety of textures and sounds to prevent boredom and engage the mind.

Cats that get regular exercise and plenty of stimulating, interactive play are less destructive around the house and more well-adjusted overall.  Our toys provide a wide variety of sensory stimulation, giving your cat a good mental and physical workout.

We believe in our motto: An Active Cat is a Happy Cat!

So, check out our products and be sure to follow our blog and Facebook page for great cat care advice, funnies and inspiration.

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